brian furner photography

Our mission

You hire a professional photographer to capture timeless images of the most memorable moments of your life: your wedding, your child's first birthday, family reunions, beloved pets. Your family is unique. So why should you settle for ordinary studio photography?

The photographer's studio is an artificial environment for portraiture: muslin backdrops, hackneyed props, and predictable lighting setups all lead to lifeless and impersonal pictures.

Conversely, your home and surroundings are an expression of your unique taste, your personality, your individuality. The way in which your home is lit, the quality of sunlight at the particular time of day and the particular time of year when a photographic image is taken all help create a personal and intimate photograph you will cherish. As a backdrop for your portrait these become integral parts of the image, not just an afterthought.

Furner Photography is dedicated to the art of natural light photography. Specializing in on-location child and pet portraiture, we deliver a unique view of your family not found in traditional studio photography. In our work we strive to highlight the personalities of our subjects rather than fit our subjects within the framework of a particular studio setup. It is in this spirit that we offer on-location photography in a place of your choice, one in which you, your family, and your pets feel at ease and which serves as an expression of who you are.